Ghenete “G” Wright Muir said she felt she was living a double life” during her marriage to a man. Years into her marriage, she realized she was a lesbian.

Wright Muirs journey into the LGBT community was a rocky one, but one shes now passionate about. The 46-year-old Fort Lauderdale activist founded Thou Art Woman, an annual open mic event series that’s “for women who love women and art,” she said.  

Its important for me to create those spaces so people feel celebrated,” she said. 

She also hosts a show via Facebook called Queer Qonversations,” where she interviews South Florida LGBT individuals about sexuality, politics, the arts, and more.

Her activism and outreach extends past the U.S. — shes volunteered in Israel and Jamaica, too. She grew up in Jamaica when being LGBT was less accepted and saw the effects of stigma firsthand. 

She still encourages others to be themselves, even if it’s hard. 

It was an assault on myself not to be myself,” she said.

– Kristen Grau



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