Damian Pardo’s professional resume is impressive to say the least. He is vice president at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, but also serves as chair of 4Ward Miami —the non-profit organization which hosts the Gay8 Festival. True leadership is exemplified in the roles Pardo plays beyond his own professional duties. As co-founder of the Gay8 festival, Damian is proud of what it has accomplished in a few short years. 

With an estimated 80,000 attendees, Gay8 has become the largest Latino/Hispanic LGBT festival in the nation. It occurs annually on Miami’s historic Calle Ocho, Spanish for eighth street.  

On its mission Pardo states: “it serves as a platform for people to come as they are, and help blur the lines that divide our neighborhoods by experiencing great food, art, music, dance and special performances together. It is a celebration of inclusion and diversity.” Those that have attended the festival can testify to the rich diversity that exists on that day, where music from various cultures crowds the streets. 

The 4ward Miami group, patrons of the festival, also aims to advance the progress and empowerment of the LGBT community. It has expanded its undertaking by hosting a Human Rights Symposium at a similar time as the festival.  continued growth in the coming years is very much anticipated. 

– David Douriez 


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