Robert Lamarche is all about building families. He spent most of his career in social work – focusing on child welfare. Lamarche is now an attorney and Executive Director of ACF Adoptions, a licensed, private adoption agency that provides adoption services to birthmothers and adoptive parents, including LGBT parents. Lamarche was also involved in creating the Pride Center’s “parenting series” for LGBT parents looking to parent and also volunteered to build the playground there.

Lamarche is also a father of two – a 22-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter whom he adopted with his ex from the foster care system. The son’s adoption in 2008 was among the first for gays and lesbians in Florida. His parenting game remains on point - he coached his daughter’s flag football team last year. Lamarche is currently engaged – he plans to tie the knot later this year.

That’s not the only big change in his future. Disappointed with last year’s election results, Lamarche vowed to stop complaining do something about it.

“I realized being distressed and fearful was not helpful,” he admitted. “I committed to being more involved and doing my best to advance progressive causes.” Lamarche was recently appointed to the city of Oakland Park Board of Adjustment. He also attends the Oakland Park Government Academy and is a member and supporter of Pride Fort Lauderdale.


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