Donating money to worthy causes and people is a good thing. But for Rich Rodriguez, president of the Lambda Men's Brotherhood, seeing the impact on people is the most rewarding part of what he does.

In particular, Rodriguez, who has been president of Lambda for almost four years, thinks about sending a family with a transgender child to Tertium Quid, a camp in New Jersey for families with transgender children. “It was one of the most heart-warming things we ever did. It was fantastic to really help people . . . see a direct benefit in someone’s life.”

It’s just one of many things Lambda Men's Brotherhood does for the LGBT community. Essentially, the organization raises money for other LGBT organizations. The brotherhood is also closely tied to the leather community hosting the annual Leather Masked Ball.

Rodriguez, who said he likes to think in ambitious ways, wants Lambda to also think along the same lines.

“We’re getting away from merely being the producer of the Leather Masked Ball to one that’s more broadly looking to invest in the community, identify critical needs in the community.”

It’s a change he gives the entire organization credit for, but one he also said he had a part in.

“Well I certainly think the ambitious aspirations are something I engender. The organization itself, we make decisions as a group. But the leader at the top of the organization is going to have an impact.”


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