The Reverend Anne Atwell followed the call to ministry in 2008. That’s when the former human resources representative left Corporate America and made a home for herself at Sunshine Cathedral. Atwell is now the Minister of Connections — a role that allows her to link people in the congregation with resources at church and in the community.

“It’s a kind of human resources to benefit our community, rather than the bottom line of a large corporation,” she says.

Atwell also oversees the food-sharing program that provides more than 130 lunches each week and leads a weekly bereavement group for LGBT members. She is also in talks to create a caregiver support group, specifically for the LGBT community.

“The work that I do is living out the gospel message that we care for others,” she says. “We care for those who are marginalized. We care for those who are hurting. So frequently in the LGBT community, there are people who are hurting, who want to talk and who have needs, but all we hear about are the rich and the famous, and that’s not all of our community. I try to reach out to the people who don’t have a lot and help in any way that I can.”


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