Rachel Simpson never planned to work in the recovery field. “I started out as a psychiatric nurse specialist,” she said. “I lost a brother to addiction when he was 26-years-old. After that, I knew I was meant to work in this field and bring my perspective. My wife was in the field when we met, and it’s been a desire of mine to serve our community.”

Simpson is the CEO of Dynamic Recovery Center, a family-oriented rehabilitation center with an LGBT affirming team of professionals committed to transforming the standards of what has always been the norm of treatment services. LGBT communities have a higher incidence of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“This community is underserved and in need of help,” says Simpson. “There are many subcultures in the gay community when it comes to addiction, and we have found our home doing this work.”

Dynamic Recovery is putting a renewed focus on patient aftercare. “It’s amazing to see what recovery is like for our clients when they have each other and a treatment center that’s wrapped around them in love, kindness, and dignity. Because of our LGBTQ specialty, people here are comfortable sharing their truths, when they haven’t been at other treatment centers.”


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