Peter Kaldes’ path to non-profit work started in the White House.

Kaldes worked with then President Barack Obama in the U.S. Department of Commerce as well as the White House’s National Security Council from 2010 to late 2013. His finance background led him to JP Morgan Chase, where Kaldes managed a $20 million account which provided funding to nonprofits.

When Kaldes moved down to the area in late 2015 with his husband, he later was hired to work at non-profit Impact Broward (now the South Florida Institute on Aging).

With the institute, Kaldes leads a “think-and-act” tank which does work regarding the need of older adults within South Florida. This includes caregiving and other engagement work to tackle isolation as well as technology training for older adults.

“Particularly with the older adults we work with, who historically do not self-identify as LGBT, I think it’s been refreshing for the population we serve to have someone who’s out and comfortable in a leadership role of an organization that has been around for 50 years,” he said.

Outside of work, Kaldes sits on the board of a local theater company at the Broward Center. He also loves to travel, with one of his favorite destinations he has been to being the island of Mykonos in Greece.

“My family’s from Greece, but I remember growing up, I would visit Mykonos and was still struggling with my sexuality it was hard for me to have fun on what was otherwise regarded as an accepting island,” he said. “Only as an adult when I finally came out was I really able to appreciate Mykonos as an accepting island.”


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