Naomi Cobb is an advocate and activist. Before retiring from public service and teaching about 18 months ago, Cobb spent more than 40 years working to change health disparities around people of color and people in the LGBT communities. As a cultural anthropologist, she also worked to train court systems, specifically judges on how people communicate culturally and cross-culturally.

These days, most of her time is focused on philanthropy. She is a Board Chair of the L.A. Lee YMCA.

“As a board chair, I look at the same issues that I look at in my personal life in terms of access, care and ways to engage teens,” she said. “For people with health issues, I look at ways to get them directed towards better health care. So even my community service work is still in the arena of my paid work.”

Cobb is also an HIV/AIDS activist, involved with the LGBT Cancer Consortium and Volunteer at Gilda’s Club.

“I do this kind of work because it is necessary,” said the Miami native. “Because I am a woman. Because I am gay. Because I am black. Because I am a partner. Because I am a parent. Because I am a sister.”


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