He freely admits to helping others – at his own cost.

“I’m not a good self-promoter,” Mark Ketcham said.

Ketcham is sitting in a swivel chair behind a long desk in the headquarters of SunServe, an organization he helped build into a $2.2 million agency with 38 fulltime employees.

This gruff, bear of a man came to Florida from New York, where he started his LGBT career working for the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. In Manhattan, Ketcham served as Central Operations Manager for the famed Bailey House on Christopher Street during the early days of AIDS.

“That changed my life,” he said.

Ketcham, 57, has been Executive Director at SunServe for seven years, growing the agency and adding key programs for women, seniors and the transgender community. He wants SunServe to be known as a place where people can “get help.”

Ketcham flirted briefly with a career in politics, running for the Fort Lauderdale Commission but said his talents are best suited as a candidate’s body man.

“I remind them who they are meeting and who they represent,” he said, jokingly adding, “I stand in the background and point.”

Ketcham and his partner, Werner Lutz, have been together for 30 years. The couple owns a home in Fort Lauderdale, “with the required dog and two cats,” he said.


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