Kezia Gilyard is the LGBQ+ and T Coordinator for Broward County Public School district. In that role, Gilyard protects the rights and liberties of LGBQ+ and T students, staff and families, with an emphasis on intersectionality. The job includes training school staff on policies and procedures for LGBQ+ and T, including sensitivity and resiliency training.

Gilyard also plans the bi-annual Gender and Orientation Alliance (GOA) summit for all LGBQ+ and T middle and high school students. The focus of the GOA summit is to educate students on their rights and health, as well as a means for positive social interaction and validation.

“The office was recently awarded a grant by the Our Fund Foundation that allowed me to create a leadership council of eight LGBQ+ and T middle school and high school students in Broward County.”

In their personal time, Gilyard volunteers as the Youth Board President for the Florida Youth Pride Coalition, working to enrich the lives of LGBQ+ and T youth and allies.

“I feel honored to be chosen as one of South Florida's Out 50,” Gilyard said. “I'm in good company and among members of our community that I greatly admire and respect. Thank you for the recognition. The work that we do is not easy, but it is extremely vital. Black Lives Matter.”


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