Re-elected to the Wilton Manors City Commission in 2016, Julie Carson continues a record of public service.

And it hasn’t been easy. Carson ended a longtime relationship in 2015 and then suffered a serious injury while horseback riding. She recovered in time to win re-election in a city she has witnessed blossom into a beacon for LGBT people.

“Living a fragmented life like I was doing in Tennessee is not really a healthy thing to do,” Carson told SFGN in a 2015 interview. “Wilton Manors makes it a lot easier for people to live authentic lives. It’s a safe haven in many ways.”

Active in the Democratic Party, Wilton Manors historical society, Friends of the Wilton Manors library, Florida Sheriff’s Association and Women In Network, Carson keeps an active public schedule.

Born in southeast Missouri, Carson spent her college years around Nashville, Tenn. where she developed her love of horses, triathlon and Tikkun Olam – a term in Judaism for repairing the world.

“I spent a lot of time teaching Hebrew at the synagogue,” she said of her formative years. “Acting through good will is something we are commanded to do. There is no choice and I continue to do that.”


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