The author of six books, Johnny Diaz writes stories to inspire gay men.

I decided to write my books because I didn’t see a lot of positive portrayals of gay men – especially gay Latino men -- in fiction,” Diaz said. “And so all my characters are out, they’re professionals and are all good friends that support each other. So when people read my books hopefully they walk away with a good feeling or think of their own friends. Whether they are in Wilton Manors, or P-Town or San Francisco, my books are about celebrating the power of friendship and love among gay men.”

In his latest book, “Six Neckties,” Diaz writes from the perspective of a gay man watching all his friends get married and wondering when his time will come.

When he’s not writing books, Diaz works for the Sun Sentinel. He prefers to report on trends in social media and society. A Coral Gables resident, Diaz recently overcame a battle with bladder cancer that left the 45-year-old cherishing the little things like his love for running and drawing.

“I really appreciated not letting things get to me as much and not stressing out as much,” he said of his recovery process.


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