He’s a husband, outdoorsman, mayor and best of all – daddy.

“We talked for a long time about wanting to have that experience -- to raise a child to share the world in what we’ve learned and what we want to see and it’s been absolutely amazing,” said John Adornato III. 

Adornato and his husband David Bogardus have been together for 17 years. Their son, Finn, was born to a surrogate in 2013.

“Every single moment of it has been the best decision of our life,” Adornato said. “I’m so lucky, so blessed. We worked pretty hard to make a lot of things happen in our life and we’ve reaped a lot of rewards and benefits from it and definitely one of them is being a father.”

Adornato was elected to the Oakland Park Commission in 2011 and presently serves as the city’s mayor. His “real job” as he says involves conservation. Adornato is the senior regional director of the sun coast office of the National Parks Conservation Association. Everglades restoration, water management and preserving and protecting America’s national parks, monuments and historical sites is Adornato’s passion.

A Massachusetts native, Adornato holds a B.S. in Biology from Tufts University and a Master’s in Wetland Plant Ecology from the University of Maryland.


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