Jarad Gibson is not your typical attorney. He practices law by day and runs a candy store by night.

“I put a spin on the whole candy world,” Gibson said. “Something more modern that incorporates a bit of me into the business — it’s bright and bubbly, but it’s not your mom-and-pop candy store, it’s very colorful and modern.”

Gibson opened Gimme Sugar Candy Bar (2101 N Federal Hwy #111, Pompano Beach) in September of 2016 thanks to inspiration and encouragement from his husband who runs a successful veterinary practice. Candy, Gibson said, has a strong nostalgia factor that everyone can identify with.

“It makes people happy,” he said.

In his office and at his candy shop, Gibson tries to enrich the LGBT community by helping people as an attorney and making them smile as a candy store owner.

“I have found that helping people who need it has become my passion, and I do whatever I can to help the community,” Gibson said. “I hope that people will look at me and recognize that you don’t have to stay in one lane or do one single thing with your life. Of course, I love being a lawyer, but I wanted to open a candy shop too. And I did.”

“I want to show people that if you want to do something, it may take some work and time but you can do it,” he said.


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