For promoter Gary Santis, looking at the planning of an event can be a lot like how one looks at life.

I think every little situation you get into, you have to look for some kind of positive. Everything in life is about growing and learning . . . no matter what you’ve gone through. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see. But there’s always an opportunity.”

Santis, owner of Gary Santis Events & Design, which he started in 1988, is the general manager of The Manor (which is located at the site of The Venue on Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors). Santis been there for eight years. 

“I oversee the business as a whole,” said Santis, who is engaged to Michael McClurkin. “Creatively, it takes a lot of thinking. You have to produce an event and think of all the demographics.”

For every patron who enters The Manor and The Venue, Santis said he doesn’t want them to soon forget the visit. “I see nightclubs, experiences, and events as cars. Which car you want to operate that week?” 

For him, a very high-end party or event is like a Rolls Royce. Everything has to look amazing. But, even if the party or event is a lesser model, it still has to perform to its utmost potential. “Everything has to be perfect.”


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