The Reverend Doctor Durrell Watkins lets the sun shine in at Sunshine Cathedral. Watkins, the Reverend of the Sunshine Cathedral boasts that it is a ‘different kind of church’ where all are welcome. The church is a vibrant, thriving, progressive congregation that features blended worship, liberal theology, biblical exposition (likely in new ways than many are used to), and a lot of unapologetic fun.

Rev. Watkins is the Sunshine Cathedral’s senior minister. In 2015, you may remember he was joined by Lance Bass as he presided over a sunrise beach wedding and vow renewal ceremony for 100 LGBT and straight couples right after same-sex marriage became legal in Florida.

Rev. Watkins trained in theology (Master of Divinity, Union Theological Seminary in New York City and Doctor of Ministry, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA.) Rev. Watkins also sees and affirms spiritual power in the arts, in relationships, in nature, and in fearless questioning. His other degrees are in sociology and theatre, and that broad background is evident in his leadership.

Rev. Watkins has authored several books, but the ones he is proudest of are “Healing Prayers for Depression” and “Saved From Salvation.” He is happily married to the Reverend Doctor Robert Griffin with whom he shares the joys of life, travel, and ministry.


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