Dr. Myron Davidson is an internal medicine doctor in Wilton Manors. On any given Saturday morning, the Rowan Tree Medical office is buzzing with patients—men, women, young, old, straight or gay.

The majority of the patients in Dr. Davidson’s practice are treated for HIV, though you wouldn’t know it from the mellow vibe permeating through the office.

“The way we are, kind of relaxed, it because we deal with heavy stuff,” Dr. Davison said.

The practice focuses on whole person treatment. “If I only focus on one part of my patient—T-cells, high blood pressure or blood sugar, then I haven’t done my job,” Dr. Davidson said. “I make sure my patients understand what T-cell numbers mean. I give a lot of advice. Some days, I sound like Oprah. But I know my office is a safe haven for many people.”

This humble, soft-spoken man is originally from Kansas City and attended medical school at University of Miami, specializing in Internal Medicine. His caring manner is rooted in his family – Dr. Davidson grew up very close to his mother and eight younger sisters, one who died recently after a fight with breast cancer.

“I feel like I was sent to medical school for a reason,” says Dr. Davidson. “Even if was just to take care of my family.”


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