When it comes to labels, Dawn Holloway couldn't care less.

“I just identify as me,” she said. “You just can’t help who you love — black, white, Hispanic, male, female, trans.”

But regardless of how she identifies, one thing is clear: she loves pride. Holloway is one of six voting board members of Pride Fort Lauderdale, traveling the country on her own dime to connect and learn from other pride events.

“I love being on the board. It gives me a chance to get involved with everybody all over.”

Beyond pride, the Wilton Manors family knows and loves Holloway for her food. She opened Pink Sub on Wilton Drive, and nine years later the gourmet sandwich shop is still going strong.

Pink Sub is my bitch. That is my life,” she said. “Making the best 8 inches on the drive. But I should say making the best 8 inches, period.”

She’s now moving the shop to a new location on Oakland Park, and hints she will open the shop by the end of April to serve breakfast and lunch.

“We’re going to serve you a mild six inches in the morning, and then eight inches in the afternoon. Everyone should be loose enough to take that by then.”


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