If you flip through the channels on your television, you’re likely to run across a performance by the thrilling keyboard duo of David Dunlap and Wesley Pennington. They can usually be found on one of the local PBS affiliates during the important membership drives with their popular program of classic and pop songs performed on piano and a custom Wersi computer organ.

Dunlap and Pennington have been friends for more than 20 years before forming their musical partnership seven years ago. They worked out an entertaining repertoire that ranged from transcriptions of piano concertos and orchestral favorites to show tunes and jazz classics.

“Our audiences range from senior citizens to teenagers who were dancing in the aisles at the concerts, if you can imagine that,” said Pennington, who will depart with Dunlap on a 17-day concert tour of Arizona this spring after being the featured artists with the Symphony of the Americas in February. 

Both musicians got early starts: Dunlap began his musical studies at the age of nine and by 13 years of age he was the music director at his church. He has appeared as a soloist with orchestras around the world and is a featured artist for the Wersi corporation, the German company that created his state-of-the-art organ that can duplicate every sound of the orchestra. Pennington started piano studies at the age of eight and was discovered playing Brahms by the concert pianist Leonidas Lipovetsky, who extended an invitation to the youngster to become a student. Pennington’s performances have been broadcast in 102 countries.

“It’s amazing how two very different people can complement each other so perfectly,” said Pennington of their musical endeavors.


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