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Neo-Nazi Website Declares War On Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos

Michael Walters - Girls, Girls, you're BOTH racists! Yiannopolous is a scourge on the LGBT community, and this sort of nastiness he's managed to bring on himself. The lunatics are starting to eat their own. Perhaps that's the only way to rid society of their nasty, hateful rhetoric is to let them have their cage match and see which ones crawl out of the slime pit when the bell rings.

Douglas Clark - "Alt-Right" a non-defined term created by the DNC and the News Media to hide the Democrats no longer refer to themselves as Liberals. That is now a four letter word.

Tom Carlin - It's best when both parties wipe each other out and you just sit there eating popcorn.....


Wilton Manors Green Market Shuts Down

Michael Barnard - I stopped going there when I pulled into the PUBLIC parking lot and there were signs saying that the spots closest to Wilton Drive were for the green market. I would usually go to Out of the Closet, and then buy at the market after because who wants vegetables that have been kept in a hot car? Got a few dirty looks as I walked to the Drive and that was that.

Anthony Mike - Sadly, most spend on booze and boyz and hit the 99 cent drive thru instead of wanting real produce.

Mons Floen - Nobody in wilton is awake before 10 a.m. on the weekend, lol


Wilton Manors Mayoral Candidate Says Too Many Gays on City Boards

Gus Kein - Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale's and time has come and gone. All that's left is the actual funeral. The things that made the area special have are gone, no longer needed, or replaced by the Internet. Don't worry too much Mr. Corbin, the gay community will soon be replaced by the uber-wealthy comprised of all sexual orientations and "hipsters." This transition happened in Key West, South Beach, and now here. People have discovered paradise and in the process killed it.

Ian Slick - Guess that asshole won't get elected!

Robbin Jacobs - dump him on his a.........