Trump Gives Most LGBT Inclusive RNC Speech Ever

Twitter – @mafoxj - No one will believe him after seeing the audience at Republican convention.

Facebook – Sean Blank - Gay Republicans are like Jews for Hitler or Blacks for the KKK.


Proposed Hi-Rise Condo Project Draws Scrutiny

Noah Kitty - world class project equals world class traffic and the world class problems they bring. If you live in the neighborhood, as I do, your life will be changed, and not for the good.

Mike Capul -  We need the new development and the increased density will help support the local businesses.... As well fund additional Wilton Manors development!

Armando Pazos - Anything that revitalizes that dead area would be an amazing improvement!


Progress Bar Responds To Towing Incident

Website – BJ – The whole drive is a joke. Let's have a memorial at a bar? Typical for a place co-owned by Nick Berry, a convicted felon on counts of drug trafficking, kidnapping, and grand theft, among other convictions. The kids at Progress claim to be involved, but the manager is blissfully clue-free and an admitted carpetbagger, not contributing to the events that return the most on the dollar. Zero logic in that. And, hey, get the felon off of the zoning board and economic development board and maybe a rational development around parking will resolve some of your neighborly conflicts you all have constantly.

David Michael Rameaux - Y'all need to just get over it... Acting petty. Grow up and learn to read a damn sign.

Robinson Almanzar - We all need to get along better!!

Junior Ferdinand Ortiz - No need to shame a business over a parking situation where they have posted signs. Had they towed cars and had no signage I would be more empathetic. Well done Albert Pierantoni on the response.