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Caitlin Jenner Invited To Trump's Inauguration

Tom Carlin The LBGT Media needs to stop giving this attention whore coverage. Let her go about her pathetic ways WITHOUT your constant reporting on it. She does not matter, and we do not care.

Joe Steineck Maybe Trump will grab her by the pussy!

Rj Petrucci Evil stupid woman.

Miami Log Cabin Republicans Blast Obama's Cuba Policy 

Ron Demkowski What's "repulsive" is Repugs wanting to build a wall on our borders with Mexico. Hypocrites!

Larry Kraft LCR ... Shameful bunch. We now have diplomatic relations with Cuba and an embassy there. People can now apply for residency at the U.S. embassy. They can be sponsored by family here... just like every other immigrant. The Cuban immigrants will be treated like any other immigrants with possible special treatment, based on political situations. It will be safer and more controlled. Most of the people who have come from Cuba are very good people, but some criminals managed to come in too. Background checks at the embassy will be a good thing.

Frank Ammirati Yes what's good for one it's good for everyone, Cubans do not need special treatment. I totally agree with President Obama, the republicans did this years ago for votes.

Debbie Chamberlin Yeah, because it was such a great policy to treat refugees from other countries, such as Haiti, as worthless, and favor Cubans above all others. Glad it's gone and hope everyone gets a fair chance in the future.

Joan Overcash Considering the fear of immigrants their president elect has pumped into the hearts of Republicans, it would seem to be a good policy for them to change the Cuban situation to match that of other countries - especially since we have normalized relations with Cuba.

Wilton Manors Mayor Questions Whether Wellness Center Belongs On The Drive

Eric Diaferio ...any business in WM offering sobriety of any kind is counterproductive to the city business mission...of "Booze and Boyz." The drive is nothing but common watering holes and "here today gone tomorrow" restaurants'...

Matthew Samp Oh, I love our mayor, but seeing empty storefronts is horrible. I'm not sure we're all on the same page with this whole "arts & entertainment district"...