Wilton Manors Implements Shuttle Service In Face of Parking Woes

Rj Petrucci - Such a silly band-aid idea - go see the beautiful parking garages off Fifth Ave in Naples - and build one.

Hannah Machado - How about we start with not towing cars every two seconds? How can they possibly know who every car belongs to and know if they're in the bars or not? Money hungry much?

Brendan Leonard - What's the point of having a shuttle that ends at 10 pm on the weekend? How silly.

Ed Garcia - I might be old fashioned but I used to think you fixed parking problems with actual parking spaces... ????


Florida Governor Fails To Mention LGBT or Latnix communities in Pulse Comments 

Eric Diaferio - Ridiculous!!! I can't stand this guy but in defense of his generalized speech STOP the pettiness!! Just like Pelosi jumping on WH for honoring Holocaust without mentioning Jews specifically! These tragedies affected ALL religions, races, genders and sexual orientations!!! It's time to stop whining over petty rhetoric and lack of recognition.

Joanie Bigham - Really ? " any child ?" sounds political to me like his Blatant fight with Pam Bondi to be viciously against Marriage Equality and Every single bill inrtoduced TO Protect the LGBTQ community, For Safety, For Equality, For Healthcare etc. IF he was " so concerned" then WHY did he USe the Pulse Murders for his political gain as did Little Marco ? Raced liked lightening to get photo ops at Pulse and on the Media. Had he been there before ? NO. #ProudPFLAGHRCEqualityFlaMOM

Grady Scott Stephens - So. Much. Bullshit.

Speculation Swirls Around Wilton Manors Hotel 

Carl Covington - I have a feeling that, regardless of it being called a "boutique" hotel, 125 to 150 rooms is going to have a negative impact on the small-town look and feel of Wilton Manors. (think Gables). Won't this also negatively impact the B&Bs in the area?

Kenneth Tromans - A homeless shelter is needed here. It's totally delusional for city planners to build for the tourist trade, and neglect us loafing bums. I'm getting tired of getting harassed by Police, moving my cardboard bed around from place to place. Hot drifters come to town and shack up with ugly fat dudes and I haven't a chance as a Trump Supporter, and with little hands it's unfair. All I hear is " Get going"

Michael Kee - Having moved FROM the Grove.... big mistake.