Nikki Adams has been entertaining for the last 37 years. Many of her performances have been to charities that directly support AIDS.

 “I knew that my role as an entertainer and a member of the LBGT community was to be someone who could lend a voice to raise awareness and also help raise funds that were so very desperately needed,” Adams said. So she had dedicated her work to doing just that.

Adams is the former Community Liaison for the development department of Broward House — a role she had for nearly four years. During that time, she produced many successful events, including Moulin Rouge, Mad Hatter's and Great Gatsby Galas, Broward Bares It and more.

One of the biggest struggles Adams recognizes in the LGBT community is the leadership.

“I find too often that the lack of willingness to work together in this community could become the downfall of it,” she said. “We could be so much stronger if we lifted ONE voice. In short, [there are] too many chiefs.”

While there may be a race to lead, Adams believes that one day there may not need to be a fight.

“Soon, perhaps more than 5 years, perhaps sooner, who knows, but acceptance, true acceptance, will be obtained.”

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