Nicole Waters - The Businesswoman

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Nicole Waters has been in South Florida for 18 years. She’s basically a native, and one that has helped the local LGBT community tremendously.

As Director of Marketing for Bill Ussery Motors Group, Waters has helped support the local LGBT community for years, including organizations like CARE Resources, Pridelines, and the Aqua Foundation for Women — where she is currently Chair.

Even with much work already accomplished, Waters believes there is still work to be done.

“If more organizations and foundations worked together, I truly believe we would be able to make a more positive impact for all members of the LGBT community,” said Waters.

Luckily, Waters will be around to continue her work in the LGBT community. In the future, she sees herself remaining in South Florida.

“As Chair of Aqua Foundation for Women, I’ve had the great fortune of seeing the community change and grow and that’s an awesome thing to be part of.”

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