Meld together a business owner, leader, and philanthropist and you have Nick Berry. Perhaps best known for being the co-owner of Wilton Manors Courtyard Cafe and owner of Rumors.

“The thing that puts a smile on my face is being able to employ 50 people between the two businesses,” the 30-year resident of Wilton Manors said. “My staff is like family.”

But he took it a step further and has been involved in the city as well. He serves as the chairman of Planning and Zoning Board and the Economic Development Board.

For five years, he and his husband, Joseph Bush (the two have been together for 21 years), have hosted a Bike Drive during their Christmas party, starting with seven bicycles to Kids in Distress the first year. This past holiday they were able to raise $10,000 in cash and bicycles to the nonprofit. Also, as a Navy veteran, he and his Courtyard Cafe business partner, Shawn Bombard, donate food to the Wilton Manors Veterans Day breakfast.

“It's the community that supports my businesses, so it’s important to support that community,” Berry said.

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