In five years, Nate Klarfeld hopes to spend more time with his husband and two grandchildren. But for now, he’s helping raise awareness about the LGBT community in Broward County.

Klarfeld is the Broward Steering Committee Chair for Equality Florida. You may have seen him just about anywhere, since he has held events all over Broward. Klarfeld has held events in nightclubs, restaurants, and even homes to raise awareness of the work of Equality Florida. Recently he helped organize the Equality Florida Gala where a record-breaking $410,000 was raised.

While records are being broken, Klarfeld still sees work to be done.

“There are huge health issues facing our young LGBT population in sexually transmitted diseases,” Klarfeld said. “Our transgender youth face obstacles in school, their homes, and in the workplace that are untenable. In the workplace, gays, lesbians, and transgender people can be fired just for the sexual orientation and expression.”

Despite obstacles still to hurdle, Klarfeld sees a bright future ahead.

“I see the LGBT community with a more unified broader agenda with new blood, new ideas and great energy,” he said. “We've fought too long and hard to see this all falter.”

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