Almost $2 million was raised in one day after the Pulse shooting from a GoFundMe page, becoming the site’s fastest growing campaign in its history.

“The campaign shattered all GoFundMe records raising $9,5 million from over 100,000 donors from more than 100 countries, and every penny, even the interest earned on the funds was given to victims,” said Stratton Pollitzer, deputy director of Equality Florida.

Equality Florida set up the page just hours after the shooting.

The campaign would go on to raise $9.5 million before being merged with the OneOrlando Fund that the Mayor of Orlando Buddy Dyer launched after the shooting. The LGBT community center of Orlando raised $750,000 before it merged with OneOrlando as well.

In total the OneOrlando fund would go on to disburse $31,665,931. The major contributors included the Walt Disney Company ($1,000,000); The Orlando Magic ($100,000); JetBlue ($100,000); Darden Restaurants ($500,000); and Mears ($50,000).

Another fund, Pulse of Orlando, was created to provide some immediate help to victims including employees of the nightclub, who were suddenly out of a job. The OneOrlando, for instance, wasn’t meant to provide immediate financial aid.

The Pulse of Orlando fund was created by the owner of the Pulse nightclub, Barbara Poma, and eventually raised $325,000 before shutting down.

“Pulse of Orlando was created 3 days after the shooting at Pulse Nightclub and was the first 501(c)(3) non-profit to distribute funds to the survivors and victims’ families. Pulse of Orlando Fund served as a bridge between when the tragedy occurred and when the City of Orlando's OneOrlando Fund could distribute,” said Aly Benitez, Founder/Board President. “Pulse of Orlando has since joined forces with the One Orlando LGBTQ Alliance and works closely with the OnePULSE Foundation to continue efforts to raise money for the memorial, education and victims of hate and violence.”

Today there are only 3 major funds left that are collecting money in the name of Pulse.

The onePulse Foundation is now raising money to fund a memorial at the site of the nightclub.

The Contigo Fund supports the underdeveloped non-profit structure in Central Florida that would be charged with healing the intersection of communities most affected by the shooting - LGBT and Latinx. This fund was brought together by the Arcus Foundation, who selected Our Fund in Fort Lauderdale to manage the money. So far they’ve raised $1.5 million.

Lastly the Better Together fund, launched by the Central Florida Foundation, will support four areas: gaps in the support nonprofits are providing to survivors and families; LGBTQ, Latino, faith and other affected communities; Underlying causes of the tragedy; and other needs that cannot be anticipated.

So far they’ve raised $1.1 million. Some recent grants they’ve given out include $30,000 to Equality Florida to hire a Central Florida Safe and Healthy Schools Coordinator and $25,000 to provide educational scholarships.

"Central Florida Foundation continues to assess the needs and gaps in our community one year after the Pulse tragedy. The Better Together Fund has worked to improve the local mental health care system, strengthen the LGBTQ, Latino, and faith communities, among other investments, to build a resilient community,” spokesperson Rachel Calderon. “The Foundation is committed to supporting our community in the long-term healing process."