Mimi Planas is a native daughter of Miami. She is of Cuban descent and works full time at Dolphin Products, a company devoted to manufacturing apparel designed to protect workers in the hazardous pharmaceutical, industrial and food industries. It’s an important responsibility but, according to Planas, the most important position she holds, by far, is mom to her 9-year-old son Aidan. In addition to Aiden Planas lives with her wife and her 88 year old mother.

Miami’s Cuban American community is known for its political activism and Planas embraced that civic responsibility in 2007 becoming heavily involved in the local community. Over the years she has helped people dealing with drug addiction, she has raised funds and corralled supplies for the needy and she has involved herself in disaster relief, a constant burden in a part of the country with environmental concerns and a regular hurricane season.  

In 2010 Planas stepped up her commitment by running for Commissioner of Miami Dade County.  In 2012 she was elected to Community Council District 10 and has since been voted in as Vice Chairwoman of the Council. In 2013 Planas was elected to serve as Committeewoman for District 26 for the Republican Executive Committee. Thanks to her influence and with a good amount of political capital amassed over the years Planas was able to get a chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans off the ground in Miami. She has helped build the organization from then until now.

For many in the LGBT community a gay Republican is a bit of an oxymoron. But for many others, however, there is a clear identification with that party’s core principles: free markets, individual liberty, limited government, a strong national defense and equality under the law for all. As such, lesbian and gay Log Cabin Republicans aim to challenge and change the party’s historically unwelcoming approach to the gay community from within.

Planas is clear about this. “To me, being a Republican is about individual liberty and personal freedom, and that means people must be allowed to be themselves and to love who they love.”

In 2015 Rick Scott appointed Planas to the Florida Commission on the Status of Women. Clearly hers is a political profile that continues to grow and she is someone to watch in coming elections.

– AP