As the Vice President of the Florida National Organization for Women (NOW), Meredith Ockman has not only helped the voice of the women’s movement, but also of the LGBT movement.

“I helped produce PrideFest for eight years and Stonewall Ball for several years,” Ockman said. “Each year that I was president of Palm Beach County NOW, we partnered with Planned Parenthood to have the largest delegation of women’s groups to walk in the Pride Parade in Palm Beach County.”

Ockman said her requirement for her involvement with NOW was that the organization supported the LGBT community. “We at NOW are some of the most supportive,” she said.

One of the biggest struggles LGBT people face is the state legislature’s lack of equality.

“We have a very conservative legislature in Florida. I believe there are conservatives who support us, but the leadership in the conservative legislature does not support equal treatment.”

Over time, Ockman believes in continuing the fight for equal rights.

“As long as there is an organization fighting against our rights, we need to fight for support,” she said. “From the municipalities to the presidency, women need to be involved. When Women Win, We all do!”

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