Marsharee Chronicle holds the position of Chief Program Officer at Compass Gay and Lesbian Community Center where she has worked in a variety of very visible roles for the past ten years.

Prior to joining Compass, Chronicle worked for Planned Parenthood and while she liked the important work of that agency, she took a position at Compass “to be more comfortable as an out lesbian.”

Chronicle was born in Jamaica and moved to the U.S. when she was twelve. She graduated from Cornell University in New York with a degree in women’s studies. She didn’t start her coming out process until after college and she met her first partner in a church.

“So not all church experiences are bad,” she noted. “And things are getting better.”

“My parents were pretty much ok with it when I came out to them,” she said. “I told my mom first in 2001 but it took a few years more before I shared it with my dad. The anticipation was worse than the event,” she added.

Marsharee is a board member of Cornell’s Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association. She’s engaged to marry Amie Velazquez whom she met at a Compass Night on Clematis.

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