Landon "LJ" Woolston - The LGBT Youth Advocate

Landon "LJ" Woolston is very busy these days. He is the LGBTQ Homeless Service Liaison for The Alliance for GLBTQ youth, where he is working on the homelessness initiative in Miami-Dade. 

He also appeared recently in the documentary ‘Just Gender’ which is premiering around the country. Woolston also co-founded and facilitates the TRUE group in South Miami (

In addition, the Miami native co-facilitates the weekly Gender Bender youth group in Fort Lauderdale at SunServe. He also sits on the TRANSform Dade working group, a task group on trans community/health/wellness issues in South Florida. If that wasn’t enough he also just joined the planning committee for the Aqua Foundation's upcoming TransCon in the spring of 2015.

When he’s not advocating for transgender rights and LGBTQ youth, Woolston is working on completing his Master’s in Social Work at FIU. He also studied photography and now uses the art form as activism and a means of sparking critical dialogue around gender, race, body and sex positivity. His images have been published in several queer publications and he has a permanent collection on display at SoBe Thrifty's Trans-Miami drop-in center.

With so much on his plate, Woolston says helping trans youth remains a priority. “Trans* youth are still so far behind their gay, lesbian, bisexual peers in being able to access supportive services and safe spaces.  Many really don't have anyone they can turn to who sees and honors them for who they are.  I imagine if I'd had someone supporting and affirming me when I was younger, my personal path around my gender identity may have been far less obstructed.  It may not have taken me twenty-five years of my life to really figure out who I was ... or to be open to giving myself the space to be authentic,” he tells SFGN.

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