Did you know a good resumé is equal to 1,000 pictures? So, where do you go to acquire that lightning jab of prose combined with solid shots of enthusiasm and looking pretty jazzy in the process? Attend the Lavender Event’s Job Fair on Feb. 5, at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center (2040 N. Dixie), starting at 10:00 am.

“We have seven professionals,” says Chair­person Wendy Phillips, “that will be doing different workshops right now.”


For those who haven’t heard of Lavender Events for Women, it provides an informative and contemporary adult educational program on a variety of topics ranging from social to physical health to financial well being.

According to Phillips, some of the seven professionals “have either worked in the HR business or headed their own staffing agencies. We have an ex-model coming in to help [with poise], and an artist who will explain what colors look good and what each color states. And we have a professional resumé writer to help out.”


Lavender Events for Women will offer six workshops going. Two resumé writing workshops and two job interviewing skills workshops, a dress to impress workshop, (“How to dress for an interview,” says Phillips, breathlessly), Do’s and Don’ts of applications, and job hunting to help people who are looking for a job.

With unemployment in Florida at 11.5%, 8.5% of workers underemployed, these events are a must to attend.

Phillips says, “I know many women who are saying ‘I wish I could get a better job’ or ‘do more with my life’ but lack the courage or know-how to improve their lives. So this is a way for them to come out and see what’s in the community.

“The whole idea is that we are training these women to write a resumé and to do an interview,” adds Phillips. “If we bring people back into the [GLCC] Center in a job fair, these women, whether they are unemployed or they are dissatisfied with their jobs and are a little afraid to go out and give it their all because of the marketplace, who are prepped and ready to go can now apply for jobs.”


“We’re working on bringing Human Rights Campaign (HRC) approved companies into the Center to do a minority and women’s job fair,” says Phillips. Each year the HRC publishes the top companies they feel are diverse; it’s a checklist that they do; every company gets a score. They publish whoever gets 100%. “That means they are a friendly company to deal with. Either they have benefits or they have diversity clauses. We’re inviting companies to participate at the job fair.

“These companies,” she adds, “are more friendly. You can talk with a representative of that company and see how they would fit. Best Buy might be here, She Magazine, a couple of small local companies have said they’d like to come but haven’t yet confirmed. My goal is to have 30 companies here.”


Since its beginning in 2008, Lavender Events for Women has put the L back in the GLCC. Phillips seeks to run three events a month. In 2009 they added new events.

A Sunday Brunch Series—a quarterly gathering for education and social networking, a community health fair, a Back-to-School Backpack/school supply drive and a sports fair. They’re also intent on keeping most of their events annual, including their signature event, Stella’s Ball, which is scheduled for each October. However, there will be changes.

Wendy Phillips says that their annual fundraiser, “I Am What I Am Dance” teaches diversity, not only in the greater community, but within their own lesbian community.” will be in April instead of August. “Although we run many dances, there were none in the spring. So we switched it,” she added.