Two years ago Lacey Ginger Camper quit drinking. Drinking played a big part of her eight-year stint in the Navy and goodness knows it can be central to life in Key West, a tourist destination known for its partying. Since then Camper has become laser focused on a set of goals that are enriching her life and the island community she has made home.

“Sobriety has been a blessing” Camper said. “Now, everything I do has intention; I’m not just drifting.”

Like many Key West locals, Camper has a couple of jobs, necessary to make ends meet in a place where affordable accommodation in particular can be hard to find. So, by day, Camper works security at the local courthouse. But, she is also office manager at the Key West Business Guild, an inviting drop in center in the heart of town where locals and visitors alike can find info and access to LGBT resources.

During her down time Camper, along with Equality Florida, has become an advocate for the transgender community. In 2014 she organized the first local Transgender Day of Remembrance in Key West, an occasion that helps shed more light onto a community that suffers disproportionate levels of aggression and suicide. The turnout more than tripled in its second year.

If that isn’t enough, Camper recently put years of self doubt behind her and began putting a modeling portfolio together. At 6’2” she sees herself fitting nicely into the burgeoning niche market of female models with demonstrably masculine characteristics. It’s a look that has become increasingly popular with advertisers. Online presence DapperQ profiled Camper in the fall of 2015 so it’s a hunch that is already paying off.

– AP