When you ask Kris Fegenbush what makes The Pride Center successful, you may want to sit down. It could take awhile.

He may go on about his full day — visiting with more than 150 LGBT seniors; meeting with nearly 60 people living with HIV/AIDS; talking with LGBT parents who are looking for financial and legal planning — before admitting to what it’s all about: the diversity of The Pride Center.

“Every day, the groups, events and programs may look different, but I hope the message to people in the community remains: you are embraced, you are accepted, you are appreciated, you are worthy, you are loved,” he said.

Fegenbush, Chief Operating Officer of The Pride Center, can gush for hours about how the 20-year-old organization has made its impact in the community. He will say it is because the “perseverance, commitment and generosity of many.” But he may not like to admit that he is a big part of it.

“I wake up most mornings and try to do something to positively impact those I encounter,” he said. “I’ve been showered with love. I try to invest that love in those around me.”

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