Playwright Kim Ehly is the leading voice in theater for South Florida’s lesbian community.

Ehly first grabbed the attention of critics and audiences alike with the premiere of her loosely autobiographical play, “Baby GirL,” which premiered at Fort Lauderdale’s Empire Stage in 2012 and earned her a Carbonell Award for Best New Work.

Ehly initially penned the show as a monologue for a writing workshop in New York, then guided it through a version at Women’s Theatre Project, then worked it up as a screenplay. Her dream is to eventually produce and direct the movie version.

Through Kutumba Theatre Project, the professional company she founded, Ehly brings critically acclaimed productions of lesbian-themed plays to a South Florida LGBT theater community that has largely been dominated by gay men.

“I'm inspired by women who are able to pave the way for other women, particularly in the theater and film worlds, where gender parity is a big challenge,” she said. “My goal in life is to inspire others. I know of a few women who wrote their stories, after seeing my play….Winning awards and nominations was yummy icing on the cake.”

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