At 41 and a partner and managing director at the prestigious, gay-friendly, national accounting firm, McGladrey and Pullen, Kerensa Butler-Gile is a success by anyone’s standards. Add to that, however, that she’s married to Alicia Butler-Gile (2011/MA) and together they are raising an almost-2 year old daughter. What else is there?

“I am forever grateful to Compass and especially to Forrest Shearin and his weekly coming out group,” she said. “They taught me to accept and celebrate myself. Because of them I’ve been able to overcome obstacles that otherwise might have defeated me.”

To repay the community, Kerensa joined the Compass Board of Trustees where she volunteered for ten years, including several years as president. She left when her daughter was born. “I wanted to have as much time as possible with my child so I had to curtail some of my volunteering,” she said.

“I’m really out everywhere,” she added. “But I want to be known as the CPA who happens to be gay; not the gay CPA so I like to work with clients until they’re comfortable with me as a professional. I urge people to come out if they can. Being out has made me who I am today.”

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