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For most of his life, Ken Evans wasn’t out. As someone who worked at children’s summer camps beginning in 1982, Evans felt coming out would have negative impacts.

“Then I got involved in politics.”

Starting in 2008, Evans became more and more involved in politics. He’s served in multiple state and local Democratic organizations and is currently the LGBT volunteer constituency lead for the Hillary Clinton Florida campaign.

“For so many years, I kind of hid who I was.”

But getting more and more involved made him more aware of just how honest he could be. “I just said, ‘I don’t have to hide from this anymore. The world’s changing. People just accept it now.”

Vice President Biden’s 2012 support of gay marriage was one particular moment. “I think it’s interesting how things can just happen. Simple words from important people can mean a lot. It’s really just made me feel comfortable to tell people. It’s just a better place to be open and be out.”

As he found, things have changed all over, even in the world of summer camps. “We have families of all lifestyles in the camps.”