Behind Miami Beach’s blue line is an officer working in the best interests of all the colors of the rainbow.

Meet Detective Juan F. Sanchez, Miami Beach Police Department’s LGBT liaison to the Chief of Police. Sanchez joined the force in 1987 and is currently assigned to the Special Victims Unit.

Through the course of his tenure, Detective Sanchez has spearheaded and implemented several programs to protect and serve the LGBT community. He developed the department’s Hate Crimes Reporting training, which is now taught to all police department members and the city’s 911 center.

Working closely with the State Attorney’s Office, and with MBPD backing, Sanchez traveled to Washington, D.C. to provide input for the creation of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Law Enforcement and Transgender Community training module.

With assistance from the Center for Transgender Equality, Sanchez authored MBPD’s Transgender Interactions Standard Operating Procedure, a policy that has been distributed as a model for other departments nationwide.

“Det. Sanchez has dedicated a large part of his career to making Miami Beach a safer place for LGBTQ residents and tourists, and he has played a major role in many of the advancements that have transpired,” said Michael Bath, Events Director for the National LGBTQ Task Force.

The Task Force recently honored Sanchez with a reception atop the New World Symphony as part of the annual Winter Party festivities.