He’s young, battle tested and confident. Meet John Paul Alvarez, candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, District 100.

Not yet 30, Alvarez has already run once for the House — coming up just short in his bid for District 53 in Brevard County.

“They character assassinated me,” said Alvarez, as he talked about the painful mailers sent out to voters during the general election campaign of 2012.

Alvarez, a Miami native, came out to his first generation Hispanic-American family during high school. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando with a B.A. in History and currently teaches third grade for the Broward School District. Alvarez is a strong advocate for the Teacher’s Union and serves as the Communications Director for the Florida Democratic Party’s GLBT Caucus.

Together with his partner, Ben McAfee, Alvarez lives in Hollywood and they are proud fathers of two dogs. He calls his eight-year relationship with McAfee a “Gone With the Wind” type of romance. On coming out to his parents, Alvarez says, “It was tough on my mom at first, but my family has accepted me and opened their hearts to us.”

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