A real estate agent since the mid 90's, Castelli has built nothing short of a real estate empire and if there's one word to describe his accomplishments it would be “mogul.”

He undoubtedly has hundreds of millions of sales under his belt, yet most striking is his absolute lack of pretension.  Anyone who interviews him will quickly observe that this man is humble, kind, warm, honest and open.

A graduate of Marquette University specific to journalism, radio, TV and advertising, he also holds a master's degree from Northwestern with an emphasis on marketing and advertising.  

Five years later, after working for a major Chicago ad agency producing and directing TV and radio spots for major brands, Castelli decided it was time for a change and came to Fort Lauderdale in 1970.

In the early years, Castelli says, "I knew someone running the Marlin Beach Hotel and I painted it pink and turned it gay."  Tip of the iceberg....

Ever heard of the Copa?  Castelli owned it for nearly 20 years until selling in 1995.  He had two other locations as well: Key West and Fire Island. 

The president elect of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Board of Realtors, director of the Florida Association of Realtors (boasting 116,000 members) and the director of the national board of realtors are just a few of the titles he has held.

Castelli married his partner of 19 years in an October ceremony in Central Park in New York with 24 of their closest friends and beams when speaking of his lover. There's only one topic that "moves his bones" in conversation outside of his husband:  the community and his support for all things LGBT.  

"I think I serve the gay community not just from being married, but when you drive down Wilton Drive and see places like Georgie's Alibi and other landmarks, I know I had a hand in making this community what it is,” Castelli said.  

Visit CastelliHomes.com for more information.

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