Jessica Aguilar - The Fighter

She’s a championship fighter and proud latina lesbian and Jessica Aguilar calls South Florida home.

“I love being here,” she told SFGN last year at the Pride Center while advocating for lesbian, gay and bisexual people to sign up for the Affordable Healthcare Act’s exchange programs.

Born in Mexico and raised in Houston, Aguilar has overcome her fair share of tragedy for such a young lady. Aguilar lost her father when she was just six years of age and later one of her brothers was killed in a car accident. Fittingly, she channeled that grief into rage in the ring and winning fights in the mixed martial arts form.

Friends describe her as a “type A” girl on a mission and Aguilar is knocking out stereotypes of what it means to be strong and successful. A petite powerhouse, at 115 pounds, Aguilar often surprises those who meet her with a warmth and kindness one might not expect from a prize fighter.

Away from the ring, mats and cages of MMA, Aguilar has dabbled in acting and is frequently sought out for Spanish roles. She has appeared in the Showtime series “Dexter” and in Johnson & Johnson commercials airing in The Philippines.

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