Jacqueline Lorber doesn’t perform on stage with the South Florida Symphony—that’s the job of her wife, Maestra Sebrina Maria Alfonso—but she is involved in virtually every other aspect of the orchestra’s operations.

In fact, her title, President and CEO, is deceiving because she’s also the chief fundraiser, event planner and grant writer. At some point in the organization’s busy operations, she probably also should add janitor and bottle washer to her resume.

Under her leadership, the symphony has expanded its annual concert season with performances in Key West and Broward and Palm Beach Counties. After the success of the recent collaboration with the Master Chorale on Beethoven’s “Choral” Symphony, the Arsht Center has added the orchestra to its roster of resident companies.

But, it’s all a labor of love for Lorber, who considered herself a “social entrepreneur” before accepting the position with the symphony in 2009. She built a successful bus company that was later sold and devoted years to advancing a number of local non-profits and philanthropies.

Lorber and Alfonso started dating about a year after Lorber joined the symphony and they were married in 2014 in Provincetown.

“I get great joy out of working with Sebrina,” she said of their personal and professional collaboration, “helping her make music and then sharing it with so many people.”

When she does find time to relax, Lorber enjoys working in the couple’s yard, playing with their dogs and spending time with her family, especially her grown son from a previous marriage.