Many people in the gay community are split on a recent BuzzFeed video posted on their LGBT channel. The video follows various men as they discuss what their gay identity means to them, specifically using the phrases “I am gay, but I’m not (…),” and “I am gay and (…).” 

Men across the entire spectrum of the gay community are featured in the video, pinpointing their specific interests and what makes them unique.

Viewers quickly went to social media to express their distaste of the video, stating that lines such as “I am gay but I don’t want to give you a makeover,” and “I am gay but I have never seen an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race” were highly offensive and poorly executed.

Twitter users expressed their disapproval with an abundance of memes and rants, detailing the aspects that they found were problematic.
One user wrote, “Hey @BuzzFeedLGBT I'm gay, but I don't care for your 'anti-stereotypes', internalised homophobia video.”

Although many were animate in expressing what they disliked about the video, others applauded BuzzFeed for simply showing that there is no true definition of what being gay is and that you can’t squeeze being gay into a particular box. 

“@BuzzFeedLGBT thanks for putting out this video … to help us realize that we are all multidimensional!,” said one user praising the video’s content.

Despite the various opinions, the video has garnered over 500,000 views on YouTube. BuzzFeed has yet to comment on the recent backlash. 

Watch the video below.