Heather Wright - The Trans Advocate

Transwoman Heather Wright was born in Massachusetts and moved to Florida to attend the University of Tampa. She works for Verizon Wireless and sings their praises for being engaged and supportive in her transition – from beginning to completion.

“I’ve been with them for 16 years and I started the conversation about two years after getting hired,” she said. “They were unbelievably supportive.”

Wright explained that she could be a happier and better employee if she could be herself in the work environment. “And they got it,” she says with just a touch of awe still in her voice. “And I’ve demonstrated it,” she continued. “I have all sorts of awards attesting to the benefits of being out and being who you are.”

When Wright was going through her transition, she discovered The Gender Society of Palm Beaches where she found compassion, understanding and help. Consequently when the group leader had to leave, Wright felt compelled to take the leadership role to ensure it would continue to help trans people on their journeys.

“I have nothing against people who transition and remain private about it but I just felt the need to give back for all the help I got.”

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