Attorney George Castrataro, in private practice since 2008, has never stopped giving large amounts of time to pro bono work and community service. He reacts strongly to cases involving victimization, predatory lending and lack of protections for LGBT couples.

He finds it hard to resist taking on clients who would otherwise be vulnerable without recourse, and becomes genuinely absorbed into the life of those clients. Castrataro names his parents as the source of his focus on personal integrity and he describes his upbringing in Amityville, New York, as “atypical Italian Catholic” in that his parents were unusually accepting of a son who was already out in high school.

A family move to Florida meant getting an undergraduate degree and an MA in Public Health from the University of South Florida. Working in the public health field after college, Castrataro considered becoming a doctor before settling on law. His practice has grown rapidly in both the straight and gay communities with an equal number of both. He describes himself as a “shy techno geek who works long hours and doesn’t get out much.”

Friends, admirers and clients who have been on the receiving end of his mischievous smile might disagree.

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