Gay camping is a growing phenomenon across the USA. Most gay campgrounds are located east of the Mississippi River with a noticeable dearth of facilities in the West. Then most in the East and Midwest are located in close proximity to one or more major metropolitan areas. A commonality seems to be that successful gay campgrounds are located within about a two hour drive of a major urban center.

There are about seven gay campgrounds in Florida, six in Georgia, three in Alabama, four in New York, six in Pennsylvania, three in Tennessee, three in West Virginia and most other eastern states have one or two. Across the West is a smattering here and there.

Here is a comprehensive list of gay campgrounds in the USA.

There is no formula or blueprint for gay campgrounds and the concept is difficult to impossible to franchise. Each is different in its topography, size, culture, ownership and governing authority. Gay campgrounds range from full blown resorts like The Sawmill,  near Dade City, Florida, which is a true gay community, to gorgeous Jones Pond, near Angelica, New York, with its generous and inclusive population of seasonal campers, to the quiet oasis of tranquility Lizard Landing in southeast Alabama.

Gay campers are more friendly, open and inclusive than campers in mainstream campgrounds. You can not pass someone in a gay campground and not get a hello, and probably also an offer to stop and sit a while. Passersby, many with dogs on leashes, smile or wave or nod or speak and some even drop in for a moment, a sit, a drink, or perhaps even a hope of connection.

Gay camping is a freeing experience. It’s about leaving the usual and normal behind and embracing the unknown while meeting new friends, experiencing new things and creating new memories. Over time gay camping changes a person; stepping out of their usual routine, schedule and group the real person tends to surface. Freed from their self imposed expectations in the home environ those who go camping relax into the new culture and free themselves to be who they really are or want to be.

Get out and get your gay camping on.


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