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Sawmill hits the stage with two number one wins in the Best Gay Campgrounds of North America by Category Poll. Respondents rated Sawmill as having the best Entertainers and the best Entertainment.



Sawmill does it all when it comes to entertainment. Even Rupaul and Frenchie Davis played Sawmill on several occasions.

Trixie Deluxe and her drag bingo is hysterical. Trixie Deluxe is a master MC and leads many Sawmill events. With a quip she can cut to the bone and bring the audience to its feet in the same sentence. No new Sawmill camper is safe from recognition and appraisal under Trixe Deluxe's microphone. Always offbeat, always on and always on point, a master of mixing comedy with glamour, of all the entertainers at Sawmill Trixie Deluxe stands out.

Sofonda Cox is beautiful, talented and a long time staple of Sawmill. Not only a great entertainer, Sofonda Cox is a hard working member of the Sawmill community. Sofonda Cox makes certain parades step off as planned and participates in every show and event called to.

Monday night bingo at Splash is a hit with Iona Trailer and Suki. Iona Trailer calls and Suki continually makes the rounds being certain new arrivals have cards and places. Dancers and porn stars, including Rocko Steele, draw loyal crowds.

De De Taylor, the General Manager of Rainbow Entertainment, Sawmill's wholly own entertainment business, is a master entertainer himself and crowds love to see him take the stage. Ms. Joanne, Angel Sheridan, Kanna Tunta, Rock Hard Review, the band Mixx, Chi chi Laru both as an entertainer and professional DJ, and DJ Wayne keeping the crowd dancing all night round out Sawmill entertainers.



Entertainment has improved at Sawmill immensely over the last few years with live entertainment just about every night. The quality of the talent is very high and top notch full production shows are performed by very talented people. Multiple shows require production through the year and major events such as New Year's Eve, July 4th and Mardi Gras tend to be well staged and run seamlessly.

Drag shows with top entertainers are the staple entertainment for Sawmill, to the chagrin of some who don't appreciate the art. Yet in many events drag is the MC not the main event, such as live bands, firework shows, parades, a haunted house, hay rides, potluck dinners, male dancers, male review shows and many different theme celebrations.

There is bingo, pool games and game shows, such as the Newly Wed Game and $1,000 Deal or No Deal, where players can win prizes. DJs keep spinning and the dancers keep moving.