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Jones Pond cooked up three number one wins in the Best Gay Campgrounds of North America by Category Poll. Respondents rated Jones Pond as having the best Fun, the best Staff, and the best Food.



Rain or shine there is always fun to be had at Jones Pond. Never a dull moment. It's easy to feel like part of the family from the moment you arrive.

Some weekends, and vacation weeks, Jones Pond seems more like a cruise than a campground. Seamlessly choreographed timing finishes up and clears out one event almost as another is beginning, cocktail parties provide liquid entertainment and BBQ's and Block Parties supply meals.

No matter if you measure fun by the huge heated swimming pool and sun decks including shade pavilions, shows, themed parties, cookouts, sit down dinners complete with tablecloths, Friday night Bingo, dances in the Barn, line dance lessons, community campfires, weekly Nature Walks with Ranger Ric, volleyball, billiards, and even field trips to local points of interest, the fun just keeps on coming. Holiday weekends push all that to an even higher level.

Outside the campground sponsored events, block parties, after fires, site parties that are open to everyone, driving golf carts around the park meeting new people from Canada and other states, dressing up in costumes every weekend and clothing optional areas makes things all the more fun.

In their sixth season of ownership the owners are very visible, engage their guests, make it a point of knowing all the campers and make sure you have a good time. The campers themselves, both the outgoing seasonal campers and weekenders, are the best part of this campground. The culture that the owners and seasonal campers promulgate is very friendly, helpful and supportive of newcomers.

Most everyone you meet at Jones Pond helps bring a smile to your face.



Bryan and Matt are the owners and face of Jones Pond. Each and every camper, whether seasonal or visiting, feels at home like family from the moment of arrival. They are very active in the park, attend events, join in at the pool and fundraise for local charities. Matt and Bryan are very generous with their time, caring and contributions back to the park, and Matt is adorable. One or both of them is present or available at all times and functions, providing excellent service. They get involved.

Like the owners, the staff is hardworking and kind. The team is just phenomenal all around. The entire crew are fantastic hosts, welcoming, always willing to help, greet you with a smile and are always striving for the best.

Owners and staff are available to help out. Exceptionally friendly, accommodating, giving, and wonderfully warm. Whether it's wood deliveries, campsite repair, or general facility maintenance and cleanliness, they are always there to answer questions and give a helping hand. The owners and staff of Jones Pond provide excellent contact before, during, and after your stay.

Need something during your stay? The staff at The Pond can handle it.



The Cafe At The Pond is high end yet reasonably priced. A gathering place at Jones Pond, the cafe is a clean modern amenity to the campground. You can have a great breakfast, snacks, a full lunch or dinner and service is great. Cafe food is delicious and the cafe hours are adjustable to what is happening in the park. This is a great restaurant with many food options, run by fun guys who do it for the love of it.

Food is always fresh and delicious at the cafe. Many weekend events have free food for everybody and the cafe is open around those events. Service is fast and food is well prepared with a large selection including daily specials. There is a great menu with a variety of choices, healthy home-cooked meals for those watching calories and big portions for those who like good fast food.

You come for the food, you stay for the show. The cafe is a gathering place. Mitzi is a real character at Jones Pond and a server at the cafe. He makes everyone feel welcomed and special with every snarky remark. If you haven't been insulted today, you didn't eat at the cafe. James and Kelly run the cafe cooking fantastic food every weekend, and Josh and Mitzi serve it all with a smile, laugh, cocky commentary and a fun sense of humor.

Hungry at The Pond is not an option.