Open May into October, Freedom Valley Campgrounds is a great, reasonably priced campground with super kind owners. Michael and Jeff make a point of being available to everyone.

The topnotch staff is fun, consistent, helpful, attentive, friendly, and competent.

The property is a prime piece of land that is competently managed and clean, with very well laid out and kept grounds. Owners are continually updating the property with additional amenities, more comfortable cabins, and gorgeous landscapes. It’s well manicured with beautiful surroundings.

Seasonal campers are friendly, service is great, amenities are amazing, and overall it’s a great place for guests. It's an awesome welcoming place where it’s always possible to have a great time. Campers love the prices, leisure activities and the inclusive atmosphere. It is a most comfortable gay campground. Men of all ages and types are made to feel welcome and accepted. There is something new every year.

If your visit includes wanting to meet new friends, this is a perfect place with the friendly close knit seasonal campers, often described as a family, who definitely know how to have a good time.

If your visit includes wanting a quiet retreat, Freedom Valley is perfect as it’s not a huge loud party place where you’ll be up all night. With the friendly group of men, some call this the friendliest gay campground in the U.S.; awesome regulars are very inviting to weekenders. Fun programming helps people get to know each other. You can go there not knowing anyone and when you leave you will have become more than friends, you become part of the family.

You never need to leave this gay getaway campground with a BBQ-stand restaurant, bar, and dance hall with a huge attached outdoor socializing area around a community campfire. There is hiking, a heated swimming pool, and onsite boating on the lake. The private pool is well kept and maintained. Outdoor showers and private flushing toilets for tent campers are always clean.

Themed weekend events are often amazing productions produced and hosted by seasonal campers.

Whether you’re a seasonal camper, tenting, renting a cabin, or parking a motor coach, it’s difficult to not have a wonderful experience. The centrally located semi-rural location, near the best roller coaster park in the nation, allows Freedom Valley to be a safe place to relax, party, dance, and just be yourself.


Freedom Valley Campgrounds

1875 US 250

New London, OH 44851

(419) 929-8100


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